Remodeling -- Benefits & Concerns

When considering remodeling your salon or spa, many issues come to mind. Will this be a simple spruce-up or a complete overhaul? Will the benefits outweigh the costs? Do we close our doors or remain open during remodeling? We at International Beauty & Barber Equipment would like to offer our ideas on the issue of remodeling.

When a client walks through that door, a salon’s statement is made. The overall look and feel of a salon shows how image is important to you and your clients. A state-of-the-art facility or an old, outdated interior will convey that importance. A sharp-looking salon with a fresh, new feel lends credibility on the importance of image to your clients.

Buying Habits
A salon’s appearance can greatly affect whether current and/or potential clients do business with you. An updated look makes clients feel better about them getting a great look and great products. On the other hand, an outdated look may give the impression your styling/cutting techniques are also old and outdated.

Many studies show employees are more productive when their environment is comfortable, pleasant, and efficiently organized for the tasks to be performed. Remodeling helps increase employee morale by showing the importance of a state-of-the-art working environment. Updating a salon with new and modern equipment not only retains staff, but serves as a great marketing tool to attract other stylists to your facility.

A general rule-of-thumb says that business will increase by 20 percent in the first year after remodeling. And there are tax advantages. If your old salon equipment is fully depreciated you may end up having fewer deductions, so you’re paying more taxes. Buying or leasing new equipment gives you new tax deduction. When you combine the increase business with tax advantages, remodeling may cost less than you think.

In the salon industry, trends and popular styles change in 3-5 years on average. Salons should follow along those changes as well to continually reflect your commitment to established trends. A downsize in existing business and/or new clients can also indicate the need for a change.

Remodeling shouldn’t just be about painting or wallpapering. Updating utilities, installing new safety features, even expansion of your present facilities needs to be considered. Also equipment is continually being upgraded with new technologies and features making older equipment obsolete quicker. Newer products with better features serve to enhance your salon’s image and increase your employee’s morale and what they can do.

Remodeling or expansion of the salon’s structural design may require the services of an interior designer, architect and/or licensed contractor. However, much of the preparation, redesign and planning can be done on your part.

We at International Beauty & Barber Equipment would like to take part when you decide to remodel your salon. From stylish styling stations to new dryers to sleek, comfortable salon chairs from familiar names like Pibbs, Collins, Oakworks, Spider, Global, Design-X, Gulfstreams, Alva, Jeffso, Maiden Spa, Dina Meri, Takara Belmont, Adjust-a-sink, Unique Mat, Harting Enterprises, First Choice Beauty, Us mat & rubber, Marvy, Touch America, Kayline, Marianna, B&S, Boss, Keller.  and many others, we are your one-stop shop for all your salon and spa needs.