Facial Beds: 02-Alliance Wood

Oakworks Alliance Wood

Facial Beds: 02-Alliance Wood


Oakworks Facial Beds: 02-Alliance Wood
Alliance Wood

Its adjustable backrest top sets The Alliance Wood apart from most other portable tables on the market. Great for massage therapists', pregnant clients or clients with sinus or cardiac concerns. Also, perfect for some light spa services.

  • 400 lb. dynamic load tested
  • 32-38 lbs.
  • Widths - 27", 30"
  • 24"-34" height range
  • 73" length
  • UL Listed
  • CableLock™
  • Inter-Lock™ Legs
  • Semi-firm Padding
  • 1/4 in. End Panels
  • Integra-hinge ™
  • UniLock Closure
  • Leg Profile
  • New Adjustment Knobs
  • Choice of TerraTouch or UltraTouch II upholstery 

Options including QuickLock Face Rest and Ultimate Access End Panel are available. Please choose below.

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