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Pedicure Chairs, Pedicure Spas, Pedicure Equipment
Pedicure Chairs & Pedicure Spas,Pedicure Equipment come in many different styles.  At International Beauty & Barber Equipment we have several styles and price points to choose from for your Pedicure Chairs, Pedicure Spas, Pedicure Equipment .  If you don't see what you are looking for please contact one of our representatives and we will have them assist you in finding the Pedicure Chairs, Pedicure Spas, Pedicure Equipment that will work for you. We are always adding new items to our website and from time to time we have items that are not shown, so if you see something on another website and it is not on our website please ask a representative if it is available. We also offer bulk pricing and discounts on our pedicure chairs of quantities of 2 or more for phone in orders. Most of our pedicure chairs are on sale please call in for the best price possible. At International Beauty & Barber Equipment you are always our number one priority.

Salon Equipment

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Salon Equipment

Maiden Pipeless Pedicure Spa
Price $3,549.40
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Pedicure Spa: 15-Maiden Spa
Pibbs Florence Pedicure Spa 20-PS76
Price $2,965.50
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Pedicure Spa: 20-PS76
Pibbs Venice Pedicure Spa 20-PS77
Price $2,965.50
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Pedicure Spa: 20-PS77
Pibbs Tuscany Pipeless Pedicure Spa 20-PS78
Price $2,995.50
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Pedicure Spa: 20-PS78
Pibbs Fiuggi Pipeless Pedicure Spa 20-PS80A
Price $3,195.50
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Pedicure Spa: 20-PS80A
Pibbs Princess Pedicure Spa 20-PS84
Price $2,695.50
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Pedicure Spa: 20-PS84
Pibbs Moon Pedicare Center Unit 20-PS86
Price $1,296.25
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Pedicure Spa: 20-PS86
Pibbs Pedicure Station w/ Stainless Steel Sink 20-PS87
Price $1,995.25
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Pedicure Spa: 20-PS87
Pedicure Chair: 15-PediLight Ultra
Price $525.00
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Pedicure Spa: 15-PediLight Ultra

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Collins Bradford Bench Pedicure Center 01-913-48-1
Price $5,906.42
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Salon Pedicure Center: 01-4913P
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